How to Encourage Children to Save Water

How to Encourage Children to Save Water

South Africa has recently been in the grip of a devastating drought. As a result, water restrictions were implemented and people have been urged to save as much water as possible. By using plastic water containers and taking time to explain the importance of water, parents and teachers can play a vital role in teaching children how to save this valuable natural resource.

Water saving tips for children

Here are some tips which parents and teachers can use when teaching children about the importance of water conservation.

  • Sit down with your children and talk to them about the drought and then teach them about the water cycle and the importance of saving water.
  • Lead by example. Let your children see what steps you are taking to save water. If you are using a watering can, a bucket or even a water container with a tap to water the garden, explain to your children why you are doing this and not using a hosepipe instead
  • Teach children not to leave the tap running while they brush their teeth or wash their hands.
  • Teach them to turn off taps properly.
  • Encourage children to report any water leaks to you so you can arrange for the leaks to be repaired.
  • Teach them to limit time spent in the shower.
  • If they are showering and waiting for the water to heat up, teach them to first put down water containers to catch the cold water.
  • Teach them about the importance of grey water. You can make use of water storage containers to collect grey water and use it to water your garden. You can even give your child a watering can filled with grey water and ask them to help you water the flower pots.
  • Put out a plastic water container with cap so you can catch rainwater during storms. You can use all the water which is collected at a later stage.
  • If children are swimming, make sure they are not splashing water outside the pool.

By following these steps, children can help save water and contribute to protecting the environment.

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